Open Graph API will help Facebook to reach wider Userbase including Corporates

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5 Responses

  1. joanna says:

    What a very informative post!
    Thanks a lot for sharing this. As a blogger myself, this post is really of great help to me.
    Keep it up! :)

  2. coolmassa says:

    Interestingly, many thanks for your invaluable work!

  3. mieketsai says:

    wow,thanks for sharing this! i really appreciate it and need it!

  4. Jason Acidre says:

    Facebook clearly is at the same level with Google. I’ve just read the other day that the internet users’ estimated time spent on social networks are 22% compared to search engines which only got 3%. It’s undeniably threatening for Google’s network particularly with PPC ads. With this new facebook API, I do think that it’s possible that it active internet users would be expecting a network war from these two juggernauts. Personally, I’m pretty much excited with what Facebook has in stored for its 500million users for the coming months, seeing as they have over-hyped their brand with their own movie “the social network”. Another thing that should be matched by Google, I think.

  5. Anna Marie says:

    These days it seems most of the people has a Facebook account. Others are using this to connect with their love ones from a distance for them to have an update from every day happenings. Others are just for fun and for networking. Either purpose whats important is out most responsibility and respect is always attached on it..

    Anna Marie

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