Top 5 Mobile Apps for Women Safety.

Security of women has become the major area of concern with the growing number of harassment.We introduce you with 5 best apps each with its own unique feature thus making your cell phone your protector when in danger.

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Save Your Cellphone When You Drop It In Water.

As soon as you realize you got your phone in water grab it and switch it off quickly as it might cause short circuit. No matter how tight the charging, USB slots or interiors would be, water can easily move into your mobile phones. Remove all the peripherals such as sim cards, battery, and memory card etc. Wipe out the...

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Top 5 Anti-virus

Computer viruses are deliberately designed to interfere with system operation that may include delete or corrupt data It  also spreads through Internet. To prevent your systems from these attacks you need Anti – virus and Update them regularly. We get you the most effective and top 5 anti – virus.

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Using Google Cached version of a Webpage

Before getting into Google Cached Server let’s see what exactly is caching. For those who are new to the word “CACHING”: CACHING is a process of storing and saving snapshot of the webpage at a point of time for future requests.

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